Our Vision

our vision

Our upper goal is to bring hotel owners and hotel visitors closer. This can be achieved in 4 simple ways:

I.  By offering complete and personal accommodation options. Through Voyage Bay, the hotel owner can join forces with other tourism service providers (restaurants, cultural organizations, extreme sports and leisure activities associations etc.) in order to create a complete vacation package.

II.  When travelling, the expectations that need to be engaged are a matter of personal choice. Thus, the hotel owner is able to upload multiple offers and alter them at will with a view to satisfy you.

III.  Each tourist destination holds out a considerable amount of accommodation and leisure activities options. Choose the ones to be of interest as well as the best “value for money”. This is not only how you reward business owners for understanding what you needs are, but also encourage them to  create the best deals for you.

IV.  Voyagebay allows hotel owners to maintain low accommodation rates. Our subscription fees are extremely low compared to other online travelling sites. We only need the essential in order to run our site.

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