Become an affiliate

Become an affiliate

Do you strongly believe that your business has the potential to attract clients from around the globe, but you just lack the incentive? Are you fed up with the amount of money travel agencies and online travel agencies ask for in order to promote your business? Would you prefer a more immediate way of communicating with possible clients and finding out what they need? Join us!

Why work with us?

Become an affiliate  Global promotion of your business

Your business and the location in which your business lies will be advertised on an international level, through Google SearchEngine (Google Search & Display
                 Network – SEO & AdWords)

Low participation cost, high dynamics

Our annual subscription fees begin from low cost, so that every businessman can join our company. What is more, 50 % of your fees are exclusively invested in advertising both your business and location.Become an affiliate

In case your contract ends and your sales income is lower than your subscription fee, the following annual subscription will be free of charge!

Become an affiliateThe number of rooms you can offer is at your own will

Reserving free rooms for us is not a requirement. You are able to create your own offer, with the number of rooms you wish.

Create the deal you want

Our software provides you with the ability to create your own deals. The contents of the deal and the way you will present it are exclusively up to you. You are free to offer your future clients a unique and complete vacation package. Work with other tourism service providers and create a vacation package that apart from accommodation will also include taste of local cuisine, various entertainment options as well as leisure activities.

Upload multiple offers, whenever you like!

Become an affiliateBy joining us, you immediately have access to your own personal page on Voyage Bay. The software we use is extremely handy and you can upload as many offers as you like, whenever you feel like to do so. You can offer as many amenities as you wish, experiment with various sales techniques and last but not least, increase your competitiveness by adjusting your rates. If you believe that your offer is not appealing, think of something different. We provide you with every means
                 possible to do so!

We offer a “smart” availability and online reservations system

Forget about the dysfunctional and time-consuming reservation systems used by most deal sites so far, where each offer was Become an affiliateavailable for a great period of time (e.g. from 30/01-30/04) and the possible client had to call the hotel in order to check for availability. Voyage bay dares to differ by using innovative software that empowers you to match the number of rooms available with the number of coupons you wish to provide on exact dates. The possible client checks for availability without having to give you a call.

Find out what your clients want

Become an affiliateVoyage allows its users to share their opinion as far your page is considered, by filling out a special form. They can either propose deal packages they would be more likely to purchase or ask for other dates available. You immediately receive their comments so that you can either communicate with them or upload a new offer.

Access to analyticsBecome an affiliate

You will have instant access to analytics about the amount of traffic your website gets (page visits, stay time, bounce rate etc) at all times, so that you can review and improve the quality of your offers.

Become an affiliateYour page can be supported in a multilingual environment

Your page can now be supported in the amount of languages you wish to, so that you become known on an international level and as a result, more effective.

Instructions, technical support and sales adviceBecome an affiliate

Voyage bay does not require you to have prior experience on online registration systems. The online tools you will have to use in order to upload your offers and edit your personal page are extremely handy. After all, we will be by your side at all times, willing to answer all your questions. We will also be providing you with sales tips so that you can take advantage of Voyage Bay in the most effective way.

Competitors, the time has come to work with each other!

Become an affiliateIt has already been stated that we invest 50 % of your annual subscription in the advertisement of both your business and the area in which your business lies. Therefore, if we have a considerable amount of lodgings in a certain location, we will be able to invest a greater amount of money in order to advertise the area. The more the lodgings, the more the reviews from around the globe!

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact us to +30 210 3835310 or e-mail us to

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